Monday , 26 September 2016

The ASI’s Executive Director on the Libertarian case for Remain

Because of bad experiences in my student days I used to have rather a downer on the Adam Smith Institute but they have risen in my estimation since. Their site currently has well argued articles on both sides of the EU referendum decision. In an article  here Sam Bowman, the ASI’s executive director, gives four reasons which explain why he went from backing ... Read More »

Down to the wire, continued

Peter Kellner, a very shrewd pollster,  has written a very interesting article at in which he takes an average of the final polls, with the telephone polls predicting a Remain win and the online polls a Leave win. The phone polls were more accurate in their General Election predictions although of course a referendum is different. Analysing the possible sources ... Read More »

Goa Experience – Part 5

Morning I went to Anjuna Beach. Anjuna is a small village. This beach is different from the other beaches I have seen. Beach is surrounded by red stones which are the house of many sea animals like Crabs, Prawns and Snails. Crabs are very sensitive animal, if they feel little sensation they hide themselves between stone cracks. All stone cracks ... Read More »


A BIG HEART = AUTHOR SUCCESS written by Carmen Oliver illustrations by Jean Claude Elizabeth talks about “Heart Art,” the part that makes the illustration magical. For a writer. For me, “Heart Art” or “Heart Story” is author intention. My heart is in everything I write. I believe it’s in every author’s work.       Embedded. Woven. Waiting to be discovered. ... Read More »